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The 6 Principles for #WordPress Project Success. This is so easy but so many #website providers don't do it. Breaking the job down makes defining the project easier as well as speeds up the client approval process. #OnTime #WithinBudget #PreserveROI #JoinTheAcademy #CyberMonday
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"Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of #Tumblr and co-founder of #Wordpress is planning on adding #ActivityPub support to Tumblr, joining the #fediverse and allowing #Mastodon accounts, as well as many others, to follow accounts on Tumblr, and vice-versa."……
格安ホームページならグランソル 初期:9,800円、月額4,800円でスマホ対応、ブログ付き!… #wordpress
格安ホームページならグランソル 初期:9,800円、月額4,800円でスマホ対応、ブログ付き!… #wordpress
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Hey #WordPress friends! I, along with @noraferreiros @CsabaVarszegi @nahuaibadiola and Thijs Buijs have been putting some energy into getting the WP community to think and act on #digitalsustainability. @wptavern were kind enough to invite me on their podcast to talk about it
On the podcast today, we have Hannah Smith. She's here to talk about how we can make our websites more sustainable so that they result in less pollution. It’s about coming up with new and innovative ways that we can reduce the impact that we have.…