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What even HAPPENED here like who pissed him off?
New: The Holocaust Museum of LA offered Kanye West a private tour, hoping it would change his views. West turned their invitation down, and said “Planned Parenthood" was his “Holocaust museum.” Now, the LA Holocaust museum is being flooded with antisemitic messages and threats.
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What's strange about that it's just mincemeat in sauce?
Can this even be considered food? A McDonald’s worker decides to reveal how a McRib is made.
Based? Based
Gun control laws fall at dizzying pace after Supreme Court ruling
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A cute teacher dancing with her students who look completely happy about it getting dragged by strangers who can’t touch grass and get off twitter 5 minutes
Wow 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
On PornHub, women consume most of the porn where women are violently raped and abused.
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Fentanyl is only a notable problem when it starts hitting the coke "delivery service" of the New York professional class
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I get near daily boring arguments about the death penalty in my feeds but what we really need to bring back are public beatings
Do you like mashed potatoes @KhalkeionGenos (Mashed potato attack on $110 million Monet painting in Potsdam, Germany)
Inside of you there are two wolves. One says "Step off the ledge". The other says "What if they look through your history after you're gone"? (⓿_⓿)
Tf is an "oomfie" and why is it associated with the bomb girl from Genshin?
I wonder how many posts from 2019 praising the project we'd find if we went back through your timeline. None probably because you deleted them but let's just be theoretical for a second
This man is the leader of the Republican Party whether Trump supporters admit it or not. Trump is still pretending like vaccine injuries don’t exist to sell his evil “Warp Speed” project like a great achievement.
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Why not lower the AoC officially? Other developed nations have AoCs in the 14-16 range. In fact the American Average is 16. What are they trying to do here?
Lowering the AoC to 16: I sleep. Decriminalizing 12yo BJ's: Real shit.
What does this even mean ?! 🧐
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is "pickme" just code for "likes to learn"?
me when 11 year old "old school classics" playlist
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*Un-Scooby's your Dooby Doo*
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