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Pennsylvania, USA
Joined January 2020
Delay and stall tactics must be reformed. Everyone knows this is being exploited by Trump's legal team. We know what this one will do.Expose the evidence gathering process, witnesses identity even if they are not outright named. More time to say it was an illegal break-in
Time to overhaul the appeals process. It is specifically designed for those with money and a lawyer. When I went to court even with a lawyer it was District Court to determine if enough evidence to go to County Court. If I had money I could buy all the delays and stall tactics
I'm in disbelief by how a man by the name of Doug Mastriano is a candidate for governor in my state of PA. I'm 62 and I can't fathom someone with his ideals was elected to any public office of any sort. This guy is some kind of arrogant bully who is a power hungry caveman.
HowNew 'disinformation' board paused amid free speech questions… Sounds to me like the department fell victim to a disinformation campaign from groups right here in this country. The enemy within as our Founding Fathers warned of when the nation began.
When you know you are incapable of answering a specific question with an intelligent response,you attack the other persons family.The equivalent to on the street bringing the other persons mama into question which is quickly responded to with you getting knockedout o#Debates2020
He's done more to fuck this country up that's the only thing he's done in office and go golfing to. Rude belligerent dick head.
Trump is a great interruptor not a debator. Tax cheat and a loser businessman. Manipulator of facts and an excellent accuser of what the other person will do that is terrible to get the gullible to side with him.
I have a response to Trumps smear ad with Mr. Biden supposed overstating his Collegiate accomplishments. When he was in Military School he was a very good player and the Team Captain of their baseball team. Please get this to one of the Democrats PACS so they can fact check this
Trump's narcissism has taken a new twist. And now he has American blood on his hands | Jonathan Freedland…. I was told that in the past few decades that the highest one flu season death toll was in the neighborhood of 61,000 deaths. No panic then,now panic?