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Don't come at me with your ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Joined August 2019
I don't know why we as a world let fascist old men play games with our lives. All these world dictators should be removed permanently.
Trump killed Babbitt when he sent her there on his behalf. But keep projecting Donnie.
Sure Donnie...Why not tell Biden your " Big Plan" that would be the American thing to do.
Trump tonight is asked how he would end the war in Ukraine: “It can be negotiated within 24 hours. You have to get them both in a room. And there are things you can say to them, which I won’t reveal now, which will guarantee that this war will end immediately.”
Lil George here who lies about everything is just a smaller version of Trump who lies about his entire life. Yet republicans don't like George but love Trump. It's all just pathetic yet comical at the same time.
The POOREST attempt at trying to track down my political involvement and start. Not surprised it came from the failing @CNN
It's always someone else being unfair to him. He thinks he can lie his way out of anything. Are people really this gullible and stupid believing this dope of a man?
The Pence camp knows exactly what they are doing, they want Pence for President not Trump. Hence the document dump. Pence wants to be the GOP nominee who goes up against Biden. So they are taking the heat off Biden. They all want Trump gone. Me too but that shit is wrong.
Replying to @BadMedicalTakes
Catturd is an old white guy named Phillip Buchanan in Wewahitchka Florida who hates it when people tweet out his real name…
This biotch asked for a pardon and she's talking about corruption?
Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and the war with Russia doesn’t change that. How much of American’s hard earned tax dollars are being stolen or going to people or things it wasn’t supposed to go to? We will audit Ukraine.…
But...but y'all claimed Covid was a hoax no worse than the flu and a 99% survival rate. So what did they die from? They've got these people twisted like pretzels defending that moron Trump.
Remember when President Trump sent a huge medical ship to NYC for the pandemic and it was never used and Cuomo just shoved sick people into nursing homes and thousands more died?
After just one booster shot:
Bitch my husband took every vaccine the military gave him and some experimental drugs ( where were you then?) He's 56 had 3 combat jumps fought in every conflict and war since 1986. Had all the vaccine doses and he's still walking and talking so SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Many took the vaccine because they thought it was the right thing to do or just had to to keep their jobs, military positions, education pursuits, or other scenarios. The side effects are real. This is a time for compassion and helping one another, not political fighting.
She asked for a pardon....
Terrorists. Not protesters.
Think about this...You stole billions of dollars yet you still walk free. #RedTideRick
Think about this—@JoeBiden has had classified documents lying around his home for YEARS with no explanation or accountability as to why.
As a nurse this is not her after the Covid shot, if anyone believes this bullshit they need to get their head checked immediately. Also it's odd it only happens to republicans. Lol
This is me after 1 dose of Pfizer on 1/5/2021 in the hospital. I was a very healthy 45 year old who managed a surgery center. Two years later I am still having major issues
I feel Trump should be charged with Ashli Babbitts death as he sent her there to begin with. He told them to all go and take back their country. Shouldn't he be held responsible?
Sarah once said she baked a pie too but it was as fake as she is. Remember Sarah? They lie about everything even a freaking pie. Pathetic
Two years of nothing but failure and incompetence from the Biden administration. Strong conservative governors are your last line of defense — and, as I showed in just my first 10 days in office, I’ll never back down from the fight.
#RedTideRick is a thief
Do you know who will pay the price if Democrats keep greenlighting more and more debt? Our kids and grandkids. But Democrats could care less. It makes me sick, and it's why I'm fighting to stop it.
Shut up, no he wasn't and stop blaming him for Trumps incompetence y'all desperate and pathetic.
BOMBSHELL.🚨 New Fauci emails show he was part of conspiracy to silence Wuhan lab leak theory.…
But but...I could swear they told me we were all made in his image. Fucking hypocrites.
Pete Buttigieg should call Chasten his partner, not his husband. The two of them may not like it, but truth is not determined by what is popular. It is determined by what makes sense according to nature and nature’s God.…
What a bunch of bullshit propaganda.
I want to welcome everyone who has come to our nation’s Capital today to celebrate a special gift from God: the right to life. Last week, we passed legislation providing medical care for babies born alive during abortions. You now have a Congress that is standing up for life.