Calgary, Alberta
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#AskRamiz everything is excellent.only making things dull and boring is Danny’s commentary. For his sake move him away from this commentary panel to keep things lively.
Why are yuu not doing commentary on PSL anymore, what’s the reason Shahid from Canada #AskRamiz
When we have clean and respected people like Rameez and Javed . Then why we need this Match fixer Akram. If this is the Change then for god sake we are good without change. Shahid from Calgary
I flew from Calgary to Islamabad to vote for imran along with my son. This was all for a change. Including Mtch fixer Akram in Committee is not that change. I am really disappointed by the PCB this decision. Shahid from Calgary
Is this the new Pakistan. I am a big fan of Imran but including this match fixer Akram you are not building new Pakistan. Shahid from Calgary
Shame on Mani and Mohsin for lying and including Akram in the committee after today Justice Qayam statement in Dunya news . Now this committee is match fixer that committee. It’s agenda is lotto tey potto . It’s mandate is match fixing and it’s mission is money making. Shahid
rashid latif You did not replied about zero gravity on Treadmill and in swimming pool. Shahid from Calgary, Canada
Rashid Latif: You said Gravity is zero at Tread mill and in Swimming pool. I think you are denying basic physics laws. Please explain. Shahid from Calgary, Canada. I have done master in Chemical Engineering.
dunya news think tank Haroon is not soft spoken so we need one like Habib to balance the show. Shahid from Calgary
dunya news think tank Habib Akram and Haroon. These all panelist are soft spoken. We need one Hard liner to make the show attractive. Shah
dunya news think tank Please include Habib Akram in your panel. Show panel will be balanced and we can see heated argument b/w.
are you doing commentary in the coming west indies series ? shahid from Calgary
game beat with hafiz imran Raja was a good leg break bowler. Aak Azhar Khan to apologize for his comments about raja. Shahid Calgary
game beat with hafiz imran Made 60 runs. All bowlers were not able to break that partnership. Lastly raja was called. Shahid from Calgary
game beat with hafiz imran Raja cover drive in that match, Ritchie said best short of the match. In that match last wicket stand. Shahid
game beat with hafiz imran Very unfair comments by Azhar Khan about late wasim raja. Raja mage 58 in that match. Shahid from Calgary
Inzamam-ul-Haq Where is your friend '' Jali Molvi'' . I can live debate and prove he is Jali Molvi. Shahid from Calgary
Rameez : We saw the diffrence when Waqar was doing commentary in last Australia series. He is no where near by you. Shahid