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Not all 49th birthdays are the same...
At first I thought…he must be talking about the US…
okay , I am going to level with you . I am genuinely frightened about the future of the country . Our elites will engage in sneering and denial . This anger will be exploited and grow. We are in deep trouble
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If you show up at an anti-vaccine protest and people are talking about civil war and spewing white supremacist rhetoric, it's no longer an anti-vaccine protest. And if you continue to support it after learning that, you're not protesting vaccines anymore either.
This is a“ I hate Trudeau convoy”-plain & simple…
Just going to leave this here, without comment.
White people with “ red-necks “
I hadn't realized it was just for white people - but that's all I ever see in the photos.
Imagine if teachers and nurses had a convoy to the legislature to demand they adequately fund healthcare and education. The @Alberta_UCP would enact the critical infrastructure legislation so fast and then use pictures of teachers and nurses in handcuffs for a fundraising email.
And I read false info on FB that not enough media is covering this…oh & happy birthday from a sane pro-vaxxer!
So nice to spend my birthday getting spat on, shoved an yelled at by the supporters of the antivax truck convoy. The wheels have come off for a small minority and I can’t figure how they can be helped.
“Grab Em by the Pussy…”
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Does he still talk to his BFF Putin??
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Only place I saw an empty shelf -was at the liquor store …alas I had to go to the next aisle & buy the Chardonnay…
I’m getting pictures like this from grocery stores across Alberta this morning. This is turning into a crisis. It requires immediate action by the Canadian & US governments.
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BREAKING NEWS: Insiders reveal that Trumper Matt Gaetz’ biggest defenders are “privately sneering him” and “quietly pulling back” to “prepare for the real possibility” that he’ll soon be charged with federal child-sex trafficking. RT IF YOU THINK THAT MATT GAETZ MUST BE CHARGED!
How to pamphlets on “ Pretending to Care…”
What's in Kyrsten Sinema's yellow folder?
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Unqualified idiot requires definition of “common sense” #kenneymustresign
The federal quarantine requirement for unvaccinated truck drivers is making a bad situation worse. Food prices are skyrocketing, and supply shortages are growing. I again ask the federal government to apply some common sense here. calgaryherald.com/news/local…
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The constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade 49 years ago today is under assault as never before. We must recommit to strengthening access to reproductive care, defending the right established by Roe, and protecting the freedom of all people to build their own future.
Replying to @Sogburn57
It’s time we vote out Mitch McConnell, Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin.
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Covid enabler…
If you are unvaccinated and out of employment please message me. I cannot make any promises but I will try to help. I'm hiring and some of my friends are hiring. Positions in tech, but let me know what you do and I'll see if I can help. Reply to this thread or message me.
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I’m sure they’ll miss you🤮
BREAKING: As a result of their compliance requiring vax papers for entry, I am canceling my membership at the Capitol Hill Club. rumble.com/vqw0cd-episode-20…
Biden points out that 16 *current* Republican Senators voted to approve the last voting rights act and questions why so many of them seem to have lost their voices now.
Anyone else think the time for U.S. leaders to “ask” & “urge” people to vote & testify is sooooo DONE!
“Presidenting” while black
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