We are working with our partners to tackle knife crime at the root of the problem. Knife Crime Prevention Orders divert people away from violence and prevent them through positive interventions. Watch to learn more ⬇️ #TacklingViolenceTogether
Replying to @metpoliceuk
Does the Met or any other police force in the UK, have a program of going into schools? Surely there is a project working within the communities to show the kids the consequences of these crimes. Kids think they’re indestructible, but if they’re shown the carnage to families….

Jan 6, 2022 · 12:07 PM UTC

They never leave their cars
Yes they do have days when they go into schools & provide a workshop. It doesn't seem to be enough though. Policing is just one part of it, and they are doing much as they can. I think young people need guidance, role models, activities, better opportunities & Jobs 13+
Thanks for this. It is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Maybe they should invite the press to cover these workshops. I wish them every success. No matter how small.