Sar taan se juda makes a comeback in #Maharashtra as a letter threatening his beheading is found outside the house of Lawrence Gregory, a #ShivSena leader from #Nagpur. Gregory had written a post supporting #NupurSharma recently. Pls protect him @Dev_Fadnavis @mieknathshinde

Aug 19, 2022 · 6:28 PM UTC

Where is the end to this? What happens if more & more people start supporting NS? Will everyone get protection? Will the govt only treat the symptoms and not the disease? Shameful, considering the majority are sitting ducks for minority to practice their #STSJ
Destroying #SarTanSeJuda gangs in #India should be the priority of law and order in entire nation. They should stop the crime before it happens. Threat to a common man is threat to nation. I think Shri Devendra and Shri Eknath will understand this and take this matter seriously.
Govt should take firm stand on this now (central+state). There is no end to these threats n murders.
Unless we follow the GOPAL PATHA's formula of 10 heads for every head of a Hindu, this #SarTanSeJuda attacks will not stop like #DirectActionDay
SS supporter being threatened with death in Shiv Sena's stronghold?? This is not the SS of Balasaheb.