Earthling for Pete Buttigieg 2020

Nyack, NY
Joined March 2019
You GUUUUYSSS!!!! I saw @Lis_Smith at the bar for the @PeteButtigieg NYC event!!! We chatted after this pic!!! I told her congratulations he’s gonna win!!!
Strong turnout today at the #RocklandClimateStrike!
“Even Superman Can’t Stop Climate Change Alone” #RocklandClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #ClimateCrisis
Elected officials join activists for New City climate strike #RocklandClimateStrike…
Thank you so much @DavidCarlucci for joining us, and for your work on behalf of our health and environment in the State Senate! Let’s pass the #GreenAmendment!!!
Great to see so many young activists rallying for climate action. We must do everything we can to protect our precious environment for future generations. 🌍 #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #climatestrike #ny #rockland #nysenate
We love Blue Rock School for bringing such amazing energy to every climate strike in Rockland so far! I applaud the school’s leadership for realizing what a powerful learning experience this is for kids. They are learning to be engaged citizens.
Thanks to all the elected leaders who came to our #RocklandClimateStrike today in New City! @HarrietCornell @DavidCarlucci @kenzebrowski_ny @EllenCJaffee staff and Nyack Trustee Elijah Reichlin-Melnick.
🌎No more coal! No more oil! Keep that carbon in the soil! The message at today’s #ClimateStrike in New City was clear: We need to vote on climate at every level of government. Thank you to the organizers, and also to the kids, candidates, and elected officials in attendance.🌎
The #RocklandClimateStrike was a success!! Great inter-generational turnout, from young to old! The kids from Blue Rock School kept the passion going to the very end!
😭😭😭SO GOOD😭😭😭
"We are ignoring natural climate solutions" A short movie with @GeorgeMonbiot and me, by Tom Mustill, about restoring and rewilding nature to help repair the planets broken climate. #ClimateBreakdown #EcologicalBreakdown…
Wait for the end and grab some tissues: @PeteButtigieg’s college roommates and childhood friends describe him in five words.…
YES @MiaFarrow is for @PeteButtigieg!! As the woman who raised @RonanFarrow I love her take on the Pete youth factor.
Love @ewarren but if people like their pvt healthcare, taking it away is too extreme. So, as a Dem i find everything i’m looking for in @PeteButtigieg. He is young, but I raised a son who, despite skepticism every step of the way, could think & perform way beyond his years.
Couldn’t agree more about @PeteButtigieg. I was so moved by the openness and vulnerability of his coming-out story last night.
I think politics is about clarity, relatability & leadership. @BillClinton “I feel your pain” made one feel seen and heard. @PeteButtigieg “I was not interested in not knowing what it was like to be in love any longer” showed all those qualities that make him my choice.
Kamala Harris likes talking about Trump....A LOT. 🙄 #DemDebates
This is why @PeteButtigieg will win. He knows how to deny Trump the attention he feeds on. Pete knows that America wants to #ChangeTheChannel.
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I cannot even believe people are looking at polls, much less retweeting them. Does no one remember 2016? When every poll crowned Hillary the winner right on up to 11pm on election night? Smh. Iowa hasn’t even voted yet. Shut up with your damn polls.
Anyone else have the thought that @PeteButtigieg is the personification of Newton’s third law? His light is equal and opposite to Trump’s darkness. He will restore balance within the Force. #PeteForAmerica #TeamPete #WinTheEra
What @TylerGarret2 said 👇
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