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Sober since '78, husband since '88, and father since '99. Straight son of a gay man. 6-yr navy vet (SSBN-611, LPH-3). ATX.

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One can always hope.
What an amazing bit of projection vis-à-vis candidates who just breathe. For example: Take Herschel Walker...please.
Republican candidates are expected to be personally, physically, politically, and professionally flawless. Meanwhile, democrat candidates are just expected to be breathing (barely).
Now THAT's comedy!
John Bolton "going to seriously consider" challenging Trump
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Paul Gosar deleted this but let's help him make it go viral
For someone who spent his career as a military "doctor", especially one in the navy, #RummyJackson should know the dangers of contagion in small units or small spaces (I speak as a submariner). @RonnyJackson's screeds are endless. His contributions, not to be found.
The COVID vaccine mandate for our troops should've NEVER happened, and it needs to end NOW! The Biden Administration has politicized our military in every way it could, and they want to PUNISH every service member who's hesitant to get the shot. END THE MANDATE NOW!!!
#DeflectMissdirectDissemble! Gas prices - world wide Inflation - world wide Border is, indeed, a problem Homicide...couldn't be the guns, could it? So, I'll give you one of those, #SenatorSellOut.
Proud isn't the right word. ❌Gas prices are through the roof. ❌Inflation is out of control ❌5 MILLION illegal aliens crossed the border ❌1 MILLION illegal alien “gotaways” since taking office. ❌There’s a “homicide crisis” sweeping the country.
Apt description of @tedcruz, @RepMTG, @laurenboebert, et al.
Saturday Night Thoughts
Wait?!? There are U.S. Senators from Texas?? 😕 #SenatorSellOut, AKA @tedcruz, @SenTedCruz
Wait?!? There are “journalists” at The NY Times…?? 🧐
Just had a 30-minute conversation with my wife. This morning, we spent 90 minutes at a breakfast restaurant. Other times, we can go a couple days with not much more than a "howdy." #Marriage
#InflationIsWorldwide, @GOP. You know this.
The newly released November jobs report – the worst jobs report of the year – shows Americans keep getting a massive pay cut because of Bidenflation.
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Possibly my favorite Meme ever
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Showing that #MsGED doesn't understand that this is how politics works.
Lauren Boebert is upset that a room in the Capitol will be named after Nancy Pelosi.
Since President Biden took office, prices have soared by 13.9%. Democrats’ reckless spending has pushed inflation to its highest level since the fallout from the Carter Administration.
This, along with religious indoctrination at this age, is child abuse!
Republicans want to ban children from drag shows. They should also want to ban this:
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Fucking hysterical. Must read
You mean his most recent "awful lack of judgement", Chris?
Christie slams Trump’s "awful lack of judgement" for Fuentes, Ye meeting
They're winter shorts.
No matter how cold it gets, there is always this person.
Former president of the United States blames it's a civilian's fault...he's NEVER to blame.
Trump blames Kanye West for bringing Nick Fuentes as dinner guest
#EmptyGreene doesn't know what an oxymoron is.
Replying to @RepMTG @elonmusk
Tell me you don’t have a goddamn clue what “communism” means without telling me.