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BLINKEN: If Russia stops fighting, the war ends. If Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends.
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Breaking news... Crime scene unfolds from last night's dinner at Mar-a-Lardo
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This elephant seems tired....
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Replying to @thetimes
Is it possible for Donald Trump to enter a church without bursting into flame? Just asking.
I saw a tweet where a woman said she was watching a show on television and sucking on a lollipop. Is it because I am a man or is she using a code for a man's member?
aeroplane!!!! just saw a tweet where it will this guys first time on an aeroplane. Is that how the rest of the world refers to them or is this guy getting on a two seater open cockpit biplane???
Can you imagine how pissed off Trump will be when the Queen dies and he is not invited to the funeral....He claimed they had a special connection when they met....Sure....
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For those who didn’t go to law school: a “special master” is just a regular master topped with with a mix of mayo, ketchup, and relish.
Did you see the news story that in 2021 an unusual number of our foreign agents were killed. Trump left with top secret documents in 2021....
Lawyers are not to use Doctor though they have a Doctorate of Law having spent long extra years in school. Then there are dentists, chiropractors and education people like Superintendents we are suppose to call Doctor. How about just medical DR. nobody else!
Rick Santorum hired a firm to scrub this pic from the internet. We wouldn't want to run up Ricky's costs by giving the firm he hired more scrubbing to do, would we? So, please don't retweet this picture of Rick Santorum cozied up to Russian agent Maria Butina.
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This rant by Trump to make him President today or rehold the election do recognize that is because he believes all other avenues and lawsuits are closing in and only as President can he protect himself...
Those ads for a tropical vacation where someone is in a hammock or in a lounge chair with a book or reading a book.... can't you do thata lot cheaper at home? and is not that a terrible waste of vacation time!!!
Watching he smokes a cigar in a book store. How old is this show?? And how old am I that I remember Columbo!!!!
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As a nation, we need to start having a real conversation about universal service.
more behind you and having your back...
Do you realize that fly in your house is trying to get out. He /she wants to leave your temperature controlled paradise for outside where it is cold or hot or windy...Stupid isn't it. Makes me wonder...Why do we ever want to leave our house.
Trump is so unhealthy he is going to die, probably sooner rather than later. Do you think the other x presidents or Biden will go to the funeral? Should they?
Remember all the people who sought pardons from Trump near the January 6th attacks. A pardon is an admission of guilt under the law. They should all by now have been dismissed from Congress and prosecuted for the crimes they know they commited.