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Very few people will be paying for this fight just to watch #usyk , the majority will pay wanting to see #fury win or fury lose , that's why he gets 70% #FuryUsyk
Smoke patch football life v3 with hollands dt 18 mod and fifa mod is just unreal , hands down best footy game ever #pes21 #steamdeck
Crouch took over 24 hours of game time to score for Liverpool, a bit of perspective for #nunez
Would you support a General strike to force a General Election. RT for bigger sample please. Your opinion your vote all count.
The #NHS is on its arse , #GP not accepting appointments on a Wednesday, walk in centre can't do child's chest assessment and #111 over an hour wait on the phone , lucky me and my lad have private health
We have another PS5 to giveaway , simply retweet follow & reply to enter ✅🔁
Why do @parcelforce say they tried to delivery but you weren't in (when yiu were) knowing people have cameras on their houses and doors
Win me
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Imagine spending money consistently on this game to win's either not tested before release or designed this way to create a tonne of goals. #fifa23 @EASPORTSFIFA
Great move from @EASPORTS combining #fifa23 with the #F1 franchise after the latest fifa patch ...absolute disaster
There's only one reason to watch #strictlycomedancing and that's #tonyadams
You know when #tonyadams beats you at dancing it's a a popularity contest #StrictlyComeDancing2022
Embarrassing dive by Debruyhe, minimal contact and he throws himself on the ground #mcfc
#StrictlyComeDancing putting the mic in her mouth to try and hide the shocking miming
Liz Truss is not helping the equal pay discussions
All the clueless armchair #nunez haters are quiet tonight. #lfc
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We have updated our #FIFA23 @OperationSports Sliders to Version 4, Beta 1. This version introduces the "fix" for slow-paced users, increasing acceleration from 50 to 51 (51/51 User/CPU) as a massive game-changer. In addition, we've built the other length/difficulty sets. Enjoy!
Average mortgage in uk is £142000 thats ove £900 a month at 6% over 25 years and i suspect a lot if those will have help to buy loans on top #mortgages
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Anyone still want a copy of fifa 23? Like retweet and follow to enter
What a pile of lion turd the #BeastMovie was. Beyond nonsense 1/10 and that's generous