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Sooooo the handmaid tales begin! What the fuck do they need this info for?! What are we gonna do people?!
Such an American Story. As American as apple pie. 😢
Anthony Alexander Jr., 17, had just learned he was going to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for saving two children from an icy pond in Pennsylvania. Over the weekend, he was unintentionally shot and killed by a friend.…
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The New York Times should "finally apologize for the sins of 2016, expose exactly what went wrong, and then reveal the rest, so this kind of disaster never happens again. They owe it to American democracy." That's @Will_Bunch on the McGonigal factor.…
Twitter chief Elon Musk and two men with hundreds of thousands of followers ranting about a completely made up "report" about Ukraine tweeted by some random account without even bothering to check if the tweet they're reacting to is actually true or not.
We have to take this seriously. Glad to see it talked about on Joy Reid.
.@AmandaTylerBJC: "This Christian nationalism is definitely not Christianity. It's a gross distortion of Christianity. It takes the gospel of love and replaces it with this false idol of political power." Watch full analysis of Mike Flynn's "roadshow":
A short video on the non-stop Fox propaganda.
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Well look at that. Everything comes full circle with a @nytimes Trump-Russia story that never made sense.… And now it does!
So this begs the question yet again: Did "Law enforcement officials" (FBI?) who were sources for the erroneous Eric Lichtblau + Steven Lee Meyers NYT story spin/divert/dupe them, or were they not in the know? #FusionGPS
The instant that governments rolled out #relief funds so #quarantine-shuttered firms wouldn't fail and #covid-furloughed workers wouldn't starve, execs started rubbing their forelegs together, planning to raise prices and blame #inflation caused by giving money to The Poors. 1/
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A youth pastor. A high school teacher and football coach. And an operations director of a large hospital network. These were among the 46 men arrested in a massive undercover prostitution sting this month No drag queens.
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To anyone like “you don’t know that for sure!” This story came out of texas, they absolutely would have said & it would have been in the damn headline, so take a seat.…
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I knew it. The NYC office of the FBI was corrupt in favor of Russia, Giuliani & Trump. This was SIX year Ago!
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Anyway, people who know how to manage information and experts in various areas should be talking. If we don't do something the chaos is just going to continue until worse shit starts happening and it'll be that much harder to react when nobody knows who to trust or believe.
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3 active duty Marines arrested yesterday for participation in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. “All three Marines, who were arrested more than two years after the attack, work in jobs connected to the intelligence community.”…
UnF’ng believable! STOP SENDING YOUR KIDS TO CHURCH! Should be the argument we are having. We shouldn’t be fighting to protect Drag Queens & TGender folks who aren’t the problem or groomers. It’s predominantly white RWing Christian males who are a threat to your child’s safety!
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Stevenson Randolph Carl, 53, volunteer at Calvary Chapel Church, pleaded guilty to 5 counts of possession of child pornography and has been sentenced to 12 yrs in prison.…
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It is one study asking & answering based on a narrow set of circumstances. As a neurodivergent person, this is how I have to approach & start everything so I think every narrow study is important. “Ok, this part is out of the way. What do I break down next?” It doesn’t end
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The study did a fine job of answering the research questions it set out to answer, and my article is not a critique of the study as much as a refutation of the misrepresentation of it. However, I will say that IMO the study answered a question that not many people were asking.
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Until all the questions are asked & studied. All the paths are explored. Like climate change, there are many variables and complicated intersections but climate change has been studied for a century. This is tech that we haven’t even begun to understand how it affects society.
Lunatic loser
my dude was ON ONE tonight (seriously, this was all just from tonight)
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Yes, please!
Three cheers to the pioneering states and the amazing people in them looking to tax wealth.…
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Everybody on the Homeland security committee ASKED FOR PARDONS
Of course the first known drag queen in congress is a Republican
“Any book worth banning is a book worth reading” ―Isaac Asimov