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Life is exhausting but that's by design. The only way to win is to not play by the rules.

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New bills will come to the floor in the coming weeks, including ones I support. I will filibuster them all. Every. Single. One. Why? Because I am not giving extremists any chance to legislate their hate against the trans community. #DontLegislateHate
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so much of this Republican freakout over PARENTS RIGHTS is just a reaction to the idea their kids might learn about something in school that pierces their own regressive worldview
Nebraska is set to ban parents from being able to make important & private medical decisions for their own children, decisions shown to lower the risks of harm & suicide, but sure, whip up a little frenzy about gas stoves in New York, if that's where your priorities lie. #neleg
Remember when conservatives were getting called conspiracy theorists and crazy for sounding the alarm on gas stove regulations and bans?
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Folks, when they roll back voting rights, try to ban books, invade privacy, attack bodily autonomy, and crow about critical race theory, it's because they've run out of ideas to hold onto power.
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One of the simplest joke formats there is, and he still totally misses.
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i’m happy for her but if a gay teacher did this they would get fired and libsoftiktok would post their address
I will not give up on Nebraska children. Failure isn’t an option because, if I fail, I’m failing children, and I’m not going to fail children. Are you with me? #DontLegislateHate
All those little green lights are your bigoted #Nebraska Senators, doing their best to push their bigoted worldview onto private citizens and putting lives at risk in the process. Shame on you, #neleg
Replying to @ErinInTheMorn
Senator Cavanaugh filibustered a devastating gender affirming care ban for trans youth for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, today, the cloture motion has succeeded on Nebraska LB 574. This makes the bill substantially more likely to pass.
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Disappointed in the #neleg today, who voted to approve cloture on Sen Kauth's bigoted anti-trans bill, bringing it closer to a final vote. The @NEGOP complains all the time about young people leaving the state but can't pull their heads out their ass to see that this is why.
Out here making bad choices every day but still unquestionably a better person than Senators Kauth and Murman. #neleg
C’mon! Everyone does it!
Tucker: In fact, settlements like this are common.. Paying people not to talk about things, hush money, is ordinary in modern America.
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If you’re gonna ban Tiktok, better ban Twitter, too
BREAKING: Bloomberg reveals that the U.S. intelligence community is “anxious” that Musk has given “Twitter user data” to “foreign entities that helped finance Musk’s Twitter deal: Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, and Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund.” This……
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Because people don’t feel the societal pressure to remain trapped in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage anymore?
Why aren't marriages lasting like our grandparents generation🤔?
We need more laws banning Christian youth groups. #ProtectTheChildren
A Texas megachurch youth pastor, who raped fourteen girls, has been released from prison, after serving only 25 months behind bars.
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We don’t do anti trans stuff here — stop attacking our trans family and the procedural torture will end. It is what it is. #NELeg
Senator Tom Brewer says many lawmakers are fed up following the 3-week filibuster that brought this legislative session to a crawl. They're now hoping to change the rules so this can't happen again.…
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Lilies are toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure
I’d have to fight Batman. And the waterboy. 🫤
if you had to fight every famous person that shares your first name how do you think you'd do? I think Hopkins and Kiedis are going down but Anthony Mackie is gonna kick my ass.
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Fascism : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which ~people are not allowed to disagree with the government.~
Ron DeSantis is revoking the liquor license of a Hyatt in Miami following a drag queen show. That’s what happens in Florida when you do something that DeSantis doesn’t like, state power is weaponized to intimidate and censor you.…
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I mean....
Every day I’m more and more disgusted by health care access being dependent on employment.