Tech advice, please: -Screen has cracked on fairly new iPad 11. When I accepted insurance, was told $29 for unlimited screen repairs. -Asurion now says $229 and will send a new ipad. Can't (or won't) say if its refurbished. -That option would cost me $229 and I'd have to 11s
*two 11s. -- Do I go to a screen repair place? -- Pay the $229 and get a possibly refurbished model to replace a 5-month old model? --Buy a new one and sell cracked screen one? -- Cancel Asurion?
Well, update. Screen repair place is $349. And I've learned that if I let the insurance replace it, I have to send the cracked one back. I think I've uncovered a scam system. I'm going to blow the lid off on this one.
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if you were told $29 to replace the screen with insurance when you bought it, might try going back to where you got it and complain. may not work but might be worth a shot. device insurances are usually a scam - you will almost certainly get a refurbished one

Oct 21, 2021 · 2:34 PM UTC

the reason they ask for the cracked one back is to repair it with aftermarket parts and send it out for the next person that sends in a broken iPad