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Replying to @NoLayingUp
why the hell are we not allowed to watch the Dubai tournament. Golf channel you suck, and obviously don't care about what the fans want
Replying to @NoLayingUp
good thing Rory won't have to see Reed at the masters dinner.Hah Hah Ha so fridges funny.You are such a piece of sh$# Rory
I am talking about family, if your family member or anyone told everyone your private business would you still confide in them? Do you think anyone will want them ever knowing their business again? No one will ever trust them.
Replying to @MeghanHarryCA
if you would sell out your own family, who else would you sell out for money.Who would ever trust them?
Replying to @hrrysgreysuit
Megan is an attention freak
Replying to @TudorChick1501
are you kidding me, have you read the book.? Do you watch his interviews.I have never seen anyone do this to their own family. What a joke they are
Replying to @TeamWales_05
probably because Harry has put them at risk and maybe they didn't want to turn the funeral into a circus
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
don't know but I bet your dad's name is in there
Replying to @GlobalOkanagan
this is their own fault they have no workers, anyone whois a mom could do this job.Why do you need a certificate.hire people who want to work
you don't know when to shut your mouth
Replying to @BBCNews
why didn't,t he condemn the spin of the racist comments
Replying to @colbertlateshow
you gave them the ammunition.shut your mouth! Why did you have to say a number to get your point out
Replying to @cambridgepower
can you imagine what she has to explain to her children.Are they to think they have been born as spare to George? Harry has no idea the hurt he has caused, and these children including his will have to deal with the fall out.Shame on him.Think before you speak,
Replying to @norfolkbertie
when you state someone commented on the color of someones skin, what does that mean to you? They may not have said the word racist but they sure insured it. Also never said a word as the media attacked their family.Shame on them
Replying to @EBraeden
I have had two knee replacements and sent you a message about taking it easy, some of us have to learn the hard way. Hope it doesn't affect your range of motion like mine did.all the best to you
How disrespectful to his mom, she did everything to protect her children
Replying to @Super70sSports
you guys are out to lunch, what a joke