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Clouds cool us, clouds insulate us and clouds inspire us. Nature's great air conditioner & completely solar powered. "really don't know clouds at all"

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Now they just have to tell the ICJ what it's opinion is.
👏🏻 UN General Assembly adopts a resolution for an advisory opinion on climate change & human rights from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ‼️ This will help civil society hold governments accountable on their climate promises
Killed by a vaccine or by petty would be authoritarians bailing out to a safe space on Mogadon? 🤔 @ElonMusk
Quick! Get your vote in before @ElonMusk changes polls to accept responses from paid subscribers only.
Do you think shops should or should not be required by law to accept cash payments? #Poll
Why haven't we heard this before? 🤷
🔴 The risk of dying from heart issues was three and a half times higher among young women in the first three months after a single dose of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, according to a new study…
😲 Rather worse than a chain coming off. Race car enthusiast beware. @YardleyShooting
Not quite the same but the singer Isadora Duncan was strangled to death when her long scarf got caught in the wheel of an open top sports car😢
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Yep, Nationalism went out w/ Abbott Globalism in w/ Trumble Been rubbish ever since. Remember when Dutton rolled Trumble? Trumble stalled/held on about 48hrs re "signatures" Trumble did so to install another globalist Scott Morrison Instead of losing to a Nationalist Dutton
Replying to @elonmusk
In many regions where you will have few who are able to afford or have USD payment limitations, this will create a situation where the only accounts that will be recommended will be in US/Europe. They will miss out of local, relevant accounts from their own communities.
And here you still are. 🙄
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It's stuff like this that made me quit Twitter 4 months ago! So happy I did, it's only getting WORSE.
Will you be renaming For You to F*ck You for everyone else? 🙄
Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations. The is the only realistic way to address advanced AI bot swarms taking over. It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle. Voting in polls will require verification for same reason.
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Echos of Guardian grudge there. Hardly an original thought in that head.
People are starving and fleeing their homes due to global warming too. But they don't count because they're brown people
Climate clown confronted by reason. Doubles down on 'the sky is falling'.
'Right now people are dying. Children are starving. Families are fleeing their homes, and it's preventable - we have the solutions.' @Jacob_Rees_Mogg clashes with Just Stop Oil Spokesperson Phoebe Plummer on 2050 net zero targets. 🖥 GB News on YouTube
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CO2 is an excellent coolant used for transferring heat. It's also being tried for transferring wealth, from the poor in rich countries to the rich in poor countries via a host of bankers.
Extreme weather kills. And the lives of those in the poorest parts of the world are most at risk. Inaction on #GlobalWarming will further increase inequality. The latest #IPCC #ClimateReport is a wake-up call for decision-makers across the globe to act now. Learn more⤵️
All to keep the money flowing. 🙄
The Earth’s surface temperature increased by 1.09°C between 1850-2020. The consequences? Rising sea levels, more cases of #ExtremeWeather & collapsing ecosystems. However, not all is lost. Renewables are the key to a safer future, confirms the new #IPCC report. Learn more⤵️
Expensive as hell. How many true trees could be planted with the money wasted in a single of these devices? 🤔
How did this delusional stupidity get on my timeline? 🤔
The latest #IPCC #ClimateReport is a reminder that every action taken to limit emissions & warming brings us closer to a safer future. Waiting is not an option - rapid #emissions cuts are needed across all sectors now.…
WHO - Tedros left out the important bit! Sat behind the Pandemic Treaty are the International Health Regulations. This international treaty is the backbone of the Pandemic Treaty. It’s what gives it teeth. Read the amendments! I see you Tedros & so do millions of us!
The catastrophic anthropogenic warming fantasists have a troubled relationship with the truth.
You can find Climate Change denial at the very top
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When is Twitter going to shut down this Troll account @ElonMusk ? It's trolling everyone with its climatemongering calls to impoverishment.
Glaciers represent the largest reservoir of fresh water on the planet. Unless we reverse the global warming trend, the consequences will be catastrophic. We must #ActNow to mobilize greater political, private & public will to conserve our glaciers & all they give us.