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Got suspended for telling a drivers rights' activist (🤮🤮🤮🤮) to choke on a tailpipe. Woops
I don’t think non-cyclists realize just how often those of us who bike nearly get killed by people driving cars.
I keep saying motorcyclists are dickheads
Had one of those cunts overtake on my left when I had my left hand up to turn. Run that thing in a ditch, hope the pillion survives so we can fuck on your grave
Ban cars and any motorbike above 125cc equivalent
“GBNEWS” you are not pro cycling, you are a piece of shit
I’m as pro cycling as anyone but what is the Waitrose driver supposed to do? Just stop driving? He stays in his lane. Perhaps the safest and most sensible thing is for cyclists to ride single file?
New anti-bike lane sign variant has appeared
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BREAKING: huge trove of files obtained by hacking into Xinjiang police / re-education camp computers contain first-ever image material from inside camps, reveal Chen Quanguo issuing shoot-to-kill orders, Xi Jinping demanding new camps because existing ones are overcrowded. 🧵
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Destroyer of YIMBY @yimby_destroyer • 4h All YIMBYs are white men on developer payrolls who want to destroy low-income housing and displace POC 🗨️ 143 🔄 125 ♥️ 4 Destroyer of YIMBY 🔒 @yimby_destroyer • 1h Wow I guess YIMBYs just can't handle criticism 🙄 🗨️ 5 🔄 6 ♥️ 16
"100 companies produce 70% of all emissions" is really just "I should be able to drive as much as I want without feeling guilty"
I really really really hope the left understands that whatever societal change they're fighting for needs to put the environment on the forefront. Car socialism will destroy us.
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Nearly a third of a billion dollars sucked out of public schools by Lightfoot to help cover massive police budget hikes
The Board of Ed agenda this week asks members to approve a $175M payment to the city to help fill Mayor Lightfoot's budget shortfall. This was in the mayor's fall budget. It's the third straight year Lightfoot leans on CPS for help. First it was $60M, then $100M, now up to $175M
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"let's just get rid of money bro! It's not real! Supply lines? Don't worry bro, let's just vibe!!"
For the billionth time, HDR helps a lot
this shit looks laughably flat man. how are they getting away with their movies looking this bad
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Complaining about flatness while watching a 2022 movie in SDR is like complaining about blurriness when you're watching it at 480p
god I fucking hate Horizon Open #forza
Doing a street race and a guy knocked an NPC car into my path, putting me solidly into last place while he zoomed off.
You motherfuckers are nuts. It’s Kendrick, Kanye (unfortunately), Tyler the creator and Brockhampton
2010’s Hip Hop Mount Rushmore: Drake Kendrick Lamar J. Cole ??? Who’s the fourth? 🤔
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man, the dragon episode in R&M sucks shit lol