3 more reasons why we need to fire Abbott and elect @BetoORourke Let's register more Democrats all across Texas so we're ready to get out the vote in November! Volunteer with FieldTeam6.org to #RegisterDemocrats! Let's do this! #Voterizer
The Republican Party of Texas’ new platform: — Declares Biden was “not legitimately elected” — Declares “homosexuality” an “abnormal lifestyle choice” — Declares that schools much teach that fertilized eggs are humans A vote for Greg Abbott is a vote for these platform planks.

Aug 16, 2022 · 5:25 AM UTC

they are more reason to vote for Democrats they are the only ones that are voting for politics to help the people and making the Rich and Corporations to start paying they fair share of taxes! We just need more to get more & keep it! VOTE DEMOCRATS