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aka billy biscuits

social media stinky sock puppet
Joined June 2013
i am drunk and if my clock is right, it is only 4:30. not the night to be a guest of dinner here. (as if i ever have house guests).
i should have added - how to build a twitter following.
where my instincts fail me: assembling, fixing or making things; cooking; small talk; helping mentally disturbed people; communicating with medical doctors; fashion; and at expressing compassion.
long term goals are useless. you underachieve, grossly overachieve or end somewhere off the map. It is difficult enough to judge the context and unknowns in the near future.
my prostate is as big as a fun sized snickers. i am scheduling a urologist appt. i wish that was as cool as having a fun sized dick.
i want to accept cat people. sorry.
i am going to be choosing my caste identity within the next 30 days.
might be a good time for the goodyear blimp pilot to take a 2 week vacation.
must be a stimulating weekend for the area 51 zealots.
there will be less news coverage of an earthquake that killed 10,000 people than we got for a chinese surveillance balloon.
this twatter app i am forced to use is dog shit.
today, i unsubscribed from 5 email lists i never joined. feels like 2022.
i am pretty sure the worst decisions of my life are ahead of me.
i suppose kanye got distracted from his daily media campaign. elon has been very effective at scoring daily headlines to provide visibility to twitter. with trump less active online, it seems like we only have one active, high profile media whore. there is an open spot available
after drifting in and out of sleep tonight for 2+ hours, my SO says, “I have 2 tacos in the fridge. i think i will eat those in the morning”. that won’t happen. if you have uneaten tacos, they need to be wrapped in a black plastic porn bag with a sticky note labeled “sample”.
This ends today’s interview with myself. I thank myself for the time, effort and willingness to share details on a personal topic. At this time, there are no plans for a follow up interview.
Answer #3: I am glad the dog poops and whizzes in my walk in shower. I don’t know if this indicates she is smart or dumb. You could argue, she is following my lead or, she is too dumb to know she could cut out the commute and shit in my bed. either way, i would still clean it up.
Question #3: Anything you like about this puppy?
Answer #2: She has more than one cool name. Yes. She has 4 names. i took sort of a hispanic approach to the process. I like it because i have some options on how i want to address her depending on my mood. It could be all 4 names at once, just one name or any combo of them.