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Cruz, ur an imbecile and I don't know how u managed to *CON* the voters in ur district into believing that u r the best person and will be responsible for them. U believe that a SITTING President, at the end of his/her term, can CAUSE rioters to attempt to overturn the WiLL of
You don’t have to love abortions to support women. ❤️…
Who cares? He left the weapon in the vehicle when he exited!! There was NO valid reason for shooting him that many times!!!!
The fact that "He had a handgun in his car" is their excuse is a reminder that neither Republicans nor the NRA nor the police believe that "gun rights" apply to Black people in this country.…
This is appalling! Black people are just as worthy of having self-defense needs as the rest of us!!!
“The lived experience of Black people in the United States has demonstrated countless times that we are neither seen as ‘law-abiding citizens’ nor worthy of having ‘ordinary self-defense needs’ protected by the Second Amendment.”…
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Hey @elonmusk: The Pope has a message for you "The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly human goal," Pope Francis.
I couldn't celebrate our nation's birthday because of these same exact feelings.
I feel absolutely zero pride for a nation that rescinds abortion rights, and tribal sovereignty. I don’t feel patriotic today — I feel sold out, lied to, bamboozled and betrayed.
Traitors DO NOT deserve a star on Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Dr. REMOVE IT NOW 🤮…
Republican Ohio just told a 10-yr-old rape victim that she couldn’t get an abortion and that her rape was an “opportunity” This is Christianity gone berserk Cruel, vicious and abusive If your God makes you do shit like this, you are one demented ghoul
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Congratulations, America, on becoming the 10th circle of hell.
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COVID cases rising in most of world, driven by BA4/ BA5, genomic detection of new variants at risk as countries reduce efforts. As much as world wants to be through w/ COVID, need to continue to vaccinate, test, treat + maintain response infrastructure…
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Guy whose mom only gave him letters for a first name thinks it’s a man’s place to tell women what they can do as payback.
If your worldview tells you that it’s bad for women to become mothers but liberating for them to work 90 hours a week in a cubicle at the New York Times or Goldman Sachs, you’ve been had.
1/4 Women have been reduced to 2nd class citizens by the SCOTUS today when Roe vs Wade was overturned. As women, we have one thing that men want, and that is our vagina. Our vagina is perhaps the most powerful thing we can use to fight against the ignorance of SCOTUS and
2/4 evangelicals who are turning our country into a THEOCRACY and oligarchy. You see, without sex, no chance of pregnancy. No chance of an ectopic pregnancy or passing along a hereditary disorder or genetic disease that will either cause death shortly after birth or within a
3/4 number of years after birth (Tay Sachs, on average, causes the death of a child by age 4) and extreme psychological pain for the mother. Without ectopic pregnancy or passing along a genetic/hereditary condition, there will be no need for abortion.
4/4 This is the most important thing we, as women, can do for our sisters and ourselves - NO MORE sex.
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Polling shows that an unfit psychopath who tried to overthrow an American election would beat Joe Biden in a 2024 match up. This sad truth should cause both sides to do some soul searching. Republicans are utterly incapable of soul searching. Democrats better wake the hell up.