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Yes I know that. She’s amazing at everything she touches. It was sarcasm, I didn’t think it was that hard to read as it’s a fairly common wording when someone who’s already amazing, is also amazing at something else.
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Wow. That’s depressing. Remind me never to go to whatever island Jon Voigt lives on.
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Also the left: Mind your own business, our kids are fine. They’ll all be old enough to vote you out in 2024, maybe shoulda considered that!!
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I have no doubt she donates that rent to Planned Parenthood in their names!
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When people tell you who they are, believe them. Yikes. At least no one has to guess or assume with this dude😳😳😳
🤣 These lists are beginning to be a quick easy way to determine who is actually a decent human. Now we know for sure Morgan Freeman is who we always knew he was!!
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If this acting thing doesn’t work out for her, I definitely see her as a preacher or motivational speaker. I feel her voice in my soul! ♥️
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Can confirm. My concern is now getting my kids to follow their plans because they are making a killing babysitting, cutting grass, tutoring, just in our neighborhood!
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That’s a fantastic idea. I’m sure there’s a long vacant warehouse somewhere that could really use some Federal rent! Seems a fitting place!!
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Wow! From unknown to super douche in 140 characters!
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“Go back to where she came from” 🤦‍♀️ I’m surprised she didn’t swing first for that stupidity. She held her own though, I hope she gets to watch him knocked off his pedestal!
They have to give a date. How else would they drum up rage when the whole thing falls flat?
PLEASE tell me someone is planning on revamping the government cheese!! I still have nightmares about that plastic cheese!!
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Or the Midwest. Every town in Wisconsin has a Pig!
Or some sex ed to lessen the need for abortion!
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I’m confused. Isn’t the Capitol Building covered in cameras?? If so, this shouldn’t be a surprise, it should have taken 10 minutes to figure out, a lie shouldn’t be taking over a year to determine? What’s up with this folks?
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Awww. I play my smallest fiddle in your sympathy Madman Cawthorn. 🎻
The only period of time I can think of is before the Europeans discovered Africa and Asia. They still had people to hate, it was just for even dumber reasons.
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Getting pretty clear that some of these people will not vote for anything that benefits people outside their own address.