Cesaro looks so out of place in the middle of this crap. What a shame. #BloodandGuts #AEWDynamite
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His match on the pov was different than all others because it was a WWE style match. He SOLD the moves. He's a TRUE wrestler. Hope this shit ends and he can return to wrestling like he deserves.

Jun 30, 2022 · 1:36 AM UTC

I like him but he and Zack was the second worst match on the show and that’s saying something lol it’s not my style
But, I do like him and like Zack a lot but Zack didn’t get to do very much
Reason it’s saying something is cos it’s such a good show but it also had the great o Kahn in a match who’s a Chad but not my style lol. Na it was good but not the best imo