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i hate yukkas

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I mean, the bible wasnt written by god or Jesus. Theres a couple of editions but they were uniformly written by councils of white dudes when Jesus was NOT white
Im tipping that if Jesus existed now, he'd be living the quiet life in a hut the hell away from America which is the antitheses of any moral virtue whatsoever. You guys are the 4th Reich.
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Fuck sake 😂
Rod Stewart is looking well.
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10 free websites so useful they should come pre-bookmarked on every browser:
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there's a tweet for everything
if Labor wins we won't know who is running the country, let alone who is Finance, Defence or Foreign Affairs Minister #lateline
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Whoever this #AndrewTate dude is, pretty sure 'the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long' fits. Bigly. Unlike
I just want to say what a privilege it is to work as a nurse on a palliative ward.
Is Michaelia Cash a cyborg?
I am so disinterested in this election already. Im pretty sure Scomo will be voted out, thats all I care about.
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The Two Wrongies.
Went to Scienceworks today. At a guess- 5% of adults masked amongst hordes of kids- some with obvious disabilities.
Be like #aryastark. Make your list....mebbe not a kill list but...write a list...
Scott Morrisson commenting on @ashbarty retirement from tennis immediately makes it 'look at me being nice' rather than the end of an era of a true Aussie legend. I hate you Scott Morrisson.
Both of my sons got their 2nd #Covid_19 vaccine today. On the cusp of another variant emerging- Im so relieved
Just learned a stunning human I used to skate with succumbed to cancer after a long battle. Shonel- im so proud to have known you, to have had your kindness.
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Let's see if we can reunite Victoria with this bag. Lost in the LAX ride share area yesterday afternoon. Belongs to an Australian child. 😇😇😇
I have a weird request but I need Twitter’s help. I found a bag at in Los Angeles at LAX ride share area that appears to belong to a child named Victoria from Australia. I want to get it back to the family but there’s no other identifying information. Please share widely.
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Really #theage. Disclosing how much renumeration #cleosmith's family were given? How much better it would be to say 'The Age will not disclose...'
#nurse #student here. Why are we still unpaid during clinical placements during a pandemic. Its bloody insulting.
Two women I admire … Two men I despise …